Remission from Cancer through Meditation, Diet and Alternative Modalities

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S2HStory104: Remission from Cancer through Meditation, Diet and “Alternative” Modalities

S2HStory104: Remission from Cancer through Meditation, Diet and “Alternative” Modalities – CLICK TO MAGNIFY

A healthy and vibrant woman experiences three episodes of cancer diagnosis and treatments.   Emerges cancer free and writes a book about her experience and how other people responded to similar situations.

Quote on blame and taking responsibility from Embrace Release Heal: An Empowering Guide to Talking About, Thinking About, and Treating Cancer by Leigh Forston

“I wanted to elaborate, but it was hard to articulate the difference between blaming yourself for what happens and taking responsibility.  Blame indicates that something went seriously wrong and that you have failed.  Blame suggests that you knew better but screwed up big time.  Blame swims in guilt, which generates a destructive path of self-loathing.

Taking responsibility, on the other hand, begins by admitting that we don’t have the answers; indeed, we know very little.  But taking responsibility also consists of going on a journey of discovery.  It accepts that there is a bigger story at play.  It contends that this physical life is the vehicle through which we will discover what we currently don’t know about the bigger part of ourselves.  Perhaps we’ll sense the higher design of our soul.  Maybe we’ll perceive how a past life has feathered into current circumstances.  We may even stumble upon our life’s purpose.  Most of us tap into the God-given power that we all possess inside.

Taking responsibility means accepting that, for whatever reason, the situations we find ourselves in have meaning – meaning that can bring us closer to God, closer to knowing who we really are, and that can ultimately show us how to draw from the source of our own divine intelligence.”