S2HStory114: Overcame Fear of Teeth Extraction using Emotional Freedom Technique

S2HStory114: Overcame Fear of Teeth Extraction using EFT - CLICK TO ENLARGE

Young girl needs four teeth extracted in two sessions a week apart to prepare for orthodontic work.  Very scarred about the pain she’d feel when the dentist is pulling them out, the blood in her mouth and the smell  of the dental office.  Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) was used by an experienced practitioner to help the young girl let go of her fear.  After the first session went well the young girl approached the second session without fear and took the initiative to self-apply EFT to address discomfort from holding her mouth open so long.  This young girl took a lot of pride in learning to help herself and now has a tool she can use for life to address discomfort and pain.

Kim Cook – The Body’s Energy