S2HStory115: Severe Allergies Resolved with Qigong

S2HStory115: Severe Allergies Resolved with Qigong – CLICK TO MAGNIFY

Man living near Chernobyl developed severe allergy symptoms starting after the nuclear accident.  Each spring for 20 years:  “Very difficult to breathe, very difficult to see because of red eyes.  All the things that allergy sufferers experience.”  Six months of practicing Spring Forest Qigoing Active Exercises resolved his allergy suffering.

“This season I’ve lived allergy free and I credit it to the Active Exercises I’ve been doing. I didn’t take even one pill. Since there weren’t any other changes in my lifestyle, diet or anything, I credit the active exercises. Channels were cleared. Immune system adjusted and here I am, happy and allergy free.”

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Aleksander Nechayev Spring Forest Qigong Youtube Testimonial