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Right Livelihood Restoring Natural Balance

Help People Change the Conditions Under Which Disease Thrives

Illness and disease in the United States is alive and well!  While we spent $2.5 Trillion! Dollars in 2010 on healthcare we rank 50th in life expectancy and 174th worst in infant mortality rate.  Heart disease and cancer are present in over 40,000,000 lives and cause deaths of 1,000,000 people each year. 75 million people are overweight.  22 million people abuse drugs and/or alcohol.  25 million people have taken an anti-anxiety or anti-depressant drug in the last 30 days.  A fivefold increase over the last decade – while the number of people under serious psychological distress increased over the same period of time.

Yet people heal themselves all the time.  They have spontaneous remissions from cancer.  They dramatically reduce chronic pain symptoms in 8 weeks after 5 years with no relief.  They reverse heart disease.  Gastrointenstinal disorders, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders and fibromyalgia are all transformed into conditions free of pain.

How?  People change the conditions under which disease thrives.  Their every day actions motivate a free flow of energy that was blocked in their body-mind-spirit system.  Ancient spiritual traditions and quantum physics agree we co-create reality with our beliefs, perceptions, thoughts and feelings.  People use many proven modalities based on breath, thought, movement, sound, touch, smell, light, water and diet – to heal and grow.

As human beings we all have the ability to help restore our natural balance.  The single most predictive factor in recovery from serious illness – is the amount of change a person makes in their life.  Safe2Heal’s mission is to help produce healing transformations.  Hold safe space, motivate, manage, support & measure change every day in people’s lives that results in healing transformations.

We’re reaching out to resonate with a core team of special people drawn to this creative effort as their life’s work.  Key roles are lead technologist, lead coach, lead investor, healthcare luminary / subject matter expert and wellness marketer.  Likely you have personal experience with healing and growth.  Perhaps a regular meditation or yoga practice.  Knowledgeable in topics like quantum mechanics, psychoneuroimmunology, epigenetics, traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine and many healing modalities.

Social media and modern communications technology offer an unprecedented opportunity to package ancient wisdom into self-service tools people use to transform their everyday lives. In the healing tradition of human beings on earth let us each heal ourselves.  Then help heal each other and the world at large.  With Love. Please send a note to robert  @  safe2heal.com for more information.