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Learn to Master What You Unfold Into!

Please accept this invitation to learn to master what you unfold into.

Healing remembers wholeness. Healing happens when the conditions that underlie disease and illness change. Remembering – the discovery you have the ability to master what you unfold into. Wholeness our true nature, always shining.

Safe2Heal Daily Practice is a guided program that we do together every day. Simple proven practices power your muscle to heal. Build new habits that change your conditions. 15 minutes a day for 42 days in a row – to discover how to master what you unfold into. Mindfulness practice integrated into everyday life calms your nervous system, improves your brain’s health and reduces anxiety.

There is no charge to join and participate in the program.

New members start the program at any time. Get your current Muscle2Heal Score. Request the Safe2Heal Daily Practice Overview and Sign up for the Safe2Heal Daily Practice Program to make that score 100 six weeks from now!


We walk the talk every day and welcome you to join our healing journey.

What's your capacity to heal yourself?

Discover how to master what you change into?

Give Yourself a Gift – Make the Commitment

The commitment is fundamentally to yourself.  A gift you give yourself.  Safe2Heal acts on your behalf providing information, structure, guidance and support for you to develop a regular practice inside the life you lead today. 

Getting started is easy.  Read the overview, set your intent, consider how to organize your daily practice and sign up for the daily practice program. 

Proven Benefits In 6 Weeks

The core practice is meditating for 15 minutes every day. Meditation is simply sitting comfortably in a quiet place free from distraction.  Watching yourself breath and letting the constant stream of thoughts and emotions come and go. Like the sky watching the weather.  Still with no judgment as the action passes by inside and outside of you. It can be surprisingly hard to do, but the benefits are outstanding!

15 minutes a day over six weeks promotes healing:

  • Activate the parasympathetic part of your nervous system that nurtures and balances your well-being
  • Decrease the amount of stress related cortisol produced
  • Reduce your respiration and heart rate
  • Reduce your metabolic rate of expending energy
  • Increase blood flow in your brain
  • Increase activity in the left pre-frontal cortex of your brain (observed in happier people)
  • Strengthen your immune system


  •  What is meditation?

Meditation is substituting another object of attention for the habitually haphazardly roaming mind.  Simply focus on something like your breath instead of the continual cascade of thoughts, commentary and judgments that take up your attention.  Instead attention is placed on a sound, object or your breath.  When your attention wanders, you notice the distraction, let it go and bring your attention back to your object of attention such as a sound, an object or image, or your breath.

 The three steps in meditation are 1) placing your attention on your breath (object of attention), 2) allowing thoughts to be as they are and 3) when you notice being absorbed in thought, let go and start again.  Forgive yourself early and often!  Laughing at yourself encouraged!

  •  What are some misconceptions about meditation?

You have to stop thinking?  Not at all! Quite the opposite.  Your mind is welcome to the party just as it is.  What’s interesting is what happens when you learn to just observe your thoughts like the sky watching the clouds.  Not reacting but relaxing instead.  By just watching – your interior landscape expands which leads to discoveries like you are more than you think.

Meditation is a form of self-help / self improvement? No it’s much more than that.  First by accepting the form the moment takes you accept things including yourself just as they are.  Meditation is about acceptance of what is – not forcing any particular outcome.  Meditation helps us discover who we are – not dictate how to be.  Not a life hack, escape or shortcut but quite the opposite a path to discovering our true nature.

  •  How does a meditation practice impact my life?

A meditation practice helps you like yourself more, soften to who you are and develop true confidence by accepting, embracing and knowing yourself – the courage to be who you are. The three continuous steps of meditating create precision, openness and magic!

Placing your attention on your breath cultivates precision, the ability to focus and pay attention. Precision is mindfulness – the ability to place attention on the object of your choosing and hold it there.  Meditation helps you see, think, speak, and decide more clearly.

Allowing thoughts to be as they are creates space for true wisdom and insight to emerge. You soften, your heart opens and you feel more.  Openness is a gesture of great bravery!  Opening to the realm of possibility which by definition is not full of thought.  True wisdom, love, insight, creativity and innovation are not things that can be built – but things that arrive when you create space, cultivate attention and become more receptive to see new things.

When you notice being absorbed in thought and let go you become more attuned to the magic of what’s happening now. Opinions, hopes and fears dissolve.  You inhabit the vibrancy and magic of your own life unfolding now.  Your creative expression and the life you experience comes out of the wisdom, insight and love you are.

Safe2Heal Daily Practice Summary

This is a summary from the Safe2Heal Daily Practice Overview.

Our biggest challenge is just doing the practice to expand our muscle to heal. Even though modern science reports without any doubt this practice will calm your nervous system, improve the health of your brain and reduce anxiety, our minds always seem to generate reasons not to practice. Please just do it. Finding and expanding the space between and underneath your thoughts is a wonderful reward. To more fully embody your own life right here right now. And when you miss a practice just smile, forgive yourself and start again.

Here are the ten things to do every day that take as little as 20 minutes.

DP1) Meditate for a minimum of 15 minutes. Simple meditation is the heart of the daily practice. Just sitting quietly, watching your breath and letting your mind quiet down as you learn to truly rest in the expanding space between thoughts. Each time you get distracted you just come back to your breath.

DP2) Pause for 30 seconds (30for3) to take in 3 deep slow breathes at least once a day. This simple exercise will become an automatic response over time. Use a cue like a fearful or anxious thought, projecting a negative outcome into the future, someone saying something you don’t like or needing to make a decision. Whatever is going on simply stop, take three long slow deep breaths. Then go back to whatever was going on. Smiling and laughing to yourself allowed!

DP3) Forgive yourself and other people. Forgiveness is a big part of this experience. Please forgive yourself and other people early and often!

DP4) Drink at least 80 ounces of water every day. That’s about 5 standard size 16.7 ounce bottles. Drinking enough water is critical. Like meditating for 15 minutes every day this may be hard to do particularly in the beginning. Your mind may start questioning whether 15 minutes or 80 ounces are the “right” amounts. That’s a good sign! Just do them both every day for 42 days and then you’ll be in a better position to determine what works best for you.

DP5) Breathe fresh air or exercise for 15 minutes. At least once each day try to find some fresh air to enjoy for a few minutes. Some type of daily exercise – even something simple like walking slowly outside – is highly recommended.

Approach and Avoid

Approach and Avoid helps build muscle to heal that accepts what happens in the moment and exposes your reactive patterns. Then what you do consciously is in closer alignment to your inner nature and intuition about what brings more peace to you and less suffering.

“Things” have a very broad definition and include pieces of life stuff like attitudes, thoughts, emotions, relationships, habits, places and practices – you name it – so much to choose from. It’s often easier to approach things from afar – to plan ahead. Things to avoid are more likely to pop up unexpectedly.

DP6) One Thing to Approach each day. Ask yourself if there’s one thing in the day that will lead to more love, compassion, insight and awareness. If a thing comes to mind then consider how you will consciously move towards that one thing during your day.

DP7) One Thing to Avoid each day. Ask yourself if there is one thing in this day that you can consciously avoid because it leads to you suffering. See what comes to mind when you ask the question. Try to go through the day avoiding that one thing.

DP8) Get enough sleep. The ideal amount of sleep is often in the 7-9 hour range but like water, air and exercise varies based on your specific situation. If you’re not getting enough uninterrupted sleep it’s important to look into the cause and consider making changes.

DP9) Try keeping a journal if that calls to you. You may find that taking the time to write about your experience creates more space to change into. It’s the same idea as meditating, pausing to take deep breaths before reacting and intentionally approaching and avoiding specific things. Each practice expands the space around your habitual self. Then as things continue to change your reactions are more balanced and over time what you change into is more peaceful and connected to your inner nature.

DP10) Record your progress. Witnessing what you do is an important part of the commitment you make to yourself. It takes approximately 2 minutes each day to complete the form that records your Safe2Heal Daily Activity. Members tells us that reporting structure is an important part of the support Safe2Heal provides.

Safe2Heal never shares your information with anyone. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information.

Bonus meditation to use as needed. Fear and anxiety are our most destructive habitual thought and emotional patterns. When you find yourselves inside of them here’s a simple meditation to try silently or out loud. As you breathe in say “I am” and as you breathe out say “loving awareness”. Do that over and over again.

What Members Say!

“I found Robert and safe2healin6 to be a great resource and a source of encouragement in my efforts to meditate. I loved the accountability required which helped me focus on meeting my goal to meditate daily. I would encourage anyone to look to deepen their practice to join.”

Mine – Psychologist

“I believe that being held accountable for your daily thoughts, feelings and actions is the way to break out of habitual behaviors that negatively impact your life. This program addresses this very need and in simple but profound ways. it works. You just have to believe you can make the time and let the healing happen!”

Donna – Social Worker

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