Do Safe2Heal In 6 Weeks

Build Healing Muscle - Ready to Practice Every Day?

In Just 6 Weeks . . .

The core practice is meditating for 15 minutes every day. Meditation is simply sitting comfortably in a quiet place free from distraction.  Watching yourself breath and letting the constant stream of thoughts and emotions come and go. Like the sky watching the weather.  Still with no judgment as the action passes by inside and outside of you. It can be surprisingly hard to do, but the benefits are outstanding!

Proven Benefits

15 minutes a day over six weeks promotes healing:

  • Activate the parasympathetic part of your nervous system that nurtures and balances your well-being
  • Decrease the amount of stress related cortisol produced
  • Reduce your respiration and heart rate
  • Reduce your metabolic rate of expending energy
  • Increase blood flow in your brain
  • Increase activity in the left pre-frontal cortex of your brain (observed in happier people)
  • Strengthen your immune system

DoSafe2HealIn6 Overview

Schedule a 25 minute Skype introduction with Robert to discuss Do Safe2Heal in 6 Weeks at no charge.

What Members Say!

“I found Robert and safe2healin6 to be a great resource and a source of encouragement in my efforts to meditate. I loved the accountability required which helped me focus on meeting my goal to meditate daily. I would encourage anyone to look to deepen their practice to join.”

Mine – Psychologist

“I believe that being held accountable for your daily thoughts, feelings and actions is the way to break out of habitual behaviors that negatively impact your life. This program addresses this very need and in simple but profound ways. it works. You just have to believe you can make the time and let the healing happen!”

Donna – Social Worker

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DoSafe2HealIn6 Guided Program Overview

Really Hard to Do — A Big Commitment — to Yourself

“Do Safe2Heal In 6 weeks” known as DoSafe2HealIn6 is a commitment you make to yourself. Your goal is to move from where you are today towards wholeness and improved health and well-being. The process of healing and growth is a journey. Safe2Heal is here to help.

We focus on the process, practices that work, and the support necessary so that you can make the changes you want to see in your everyday life. It’s a six week program because it takes time for changes to take effect. It takes time to learn how to plant new seeds and nurture the conditions that foster healing and growth.

The minimum commitment is 6 weeks / 42 days in a row with 15 minutes of meditation each day and 5 minutes to record your progress. That’s 1.4% of that total time in your life to build some healing muscle that will serve you well (840 minutes to practice from the 60,480 minutes available over 6 weeks – 20 minutes out of 1,440 each day).

Consider asking a Buddy if they would like to do this with you? Relationships are keys to success. The most important one is the relationship you have with yourself. When you make a commitment to DoSafe2HealIn6 as a Member that creates a relationship with a Guide and other Safe2Heal Members who are also doing DoSafe2HealIn6. If it makes sense for you (and your Buddy!) please consider asking someone else if they would like to DoSafe2HealIn6 with you at the same time.

DoSafe2HealIn6 Daily Practice

Simple meditation is the heart of the daily practice. Just sitting quietly, watching your breath and letting your mind quiet down as you learn to truly rest in the expanding space between thoughts.

Meditation can be silent or guided. There are many Bright Lights who explain and teach meditation. We recommend Jon Kabat-Zinn. If you already have a mature practice, want to work on your own silently or with someone else’s guidance that’s fine too! The website has a full set of links to what we think are high quality online guided meditations.

Please try to meditate in the morning and at the same time of day each day if possible.

It’s best to sit in a space where you feel safe and will not be interrupted. Please consider what is already in the space and what if anything to add.  Fresh flowers strongly recommended!

1) 15 minutes is the minimum time to sit each day.  That may seem like forever! The commitment is to sit and meditate for 15 minutes Every Day.  Each time you get distracted you just come back to your breath. Please extend the sessions if that makes sense.

2) Please always remember Forgiveness is a big part of this experience.  Please forgive yourself early and often! (Please save some forgiveness for anyone in your household who’s not sure why you’re doing this!)

3) Drink at least 68 ounces of water every day.  That’s about 4 standard size bottles or 2000 milliliters. Andrew Weil and Deepak Chopra have great books that outline approaches and diets that align with this DoSafe2HealIn6 commitment.  Many of us are dehydrated and don’t know it.

4) Breathe fresh air.  At least once each day find some fresh air and take 3 deep slow breaths. Some type of daily exercise — even something simple like walking slowly outside — is highly recommended.

5-6) One Thing to Avoid & One Thing to Approach each day.  This can be done right after you sit but like all these practices any time works. As you look out into your day consider one thing you’ll look to avoid during the day and one thing you’d like to approach during the day. This practice comes from Bright Light Rick Hanson. Things are pieces of life stuff like attitudes, thoughts, emotions, relationships, places, practices — you name it — so much to choose from! Things to avoid lead to more suffering, more grasping and more hindrances. Things to approach lead to more love, compassion, insight and awareness.

This also dovetails with the seeding, gardening and programming metaphor. Approach, seed and water things that lead to flowering and pleasant experience. Avoid, weed and lessen the hold of things that lead to more suffering and obstacles.

Try to identify one thing to Avoid and one thing to Approach each day.

7) Get enough sleep.

8) Try keeping a journal if that calls to you.

9) Record your progress.  Witnessing what you do is an important part of the commitment you make to yourself. The information about everyone’s experience is used to improve the program. It takes approximately 2 minutes each day to complete the form that records your daily DoSafe2HealIn6 activity. There are regular email notifications with links for daily and weekly reporting to help us make sure these little commitments are completed.

10) Weekly update. Please take time on Saturdays to review the week ending and look forward to the week to come. The weekly update is a quick read on the difficulty and benefits of practicing. Please call out any obstacles that appeared or challenges you found with DoSafe2HealIn6 during the week. Please identify any opportunities or changes you want to make in the plan for next week.

Please click on this link or the button above to request the DoSafe2HealIn6 Overview.

DoSafe2HealIn6 Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I miss a day?

Forgive yourself and start again the next day.

  • Meditating is really hard to do I’m constantly distracted?

Just come back to watching your breath.  It’s always there for you.  As soon as you notice you’re distracted with a thought or feeling just note that and come back to watching your breath.  In. Out. In. Out.  Your willingness to sit for the time you committed to and start over and over and over again is what builds the healing muscle.

  • There’s a part of me that doubts this is worthwhile?

Of course!  Our habitual selves strongly resist the movement to slow down and become a witness to our constant stream of thoughts and emotions.  There’s another inner part of us that gets stronger and clearer when we learn to inhabit the space between our thoughts.  Doubts are just thoughts.  If you let them go like the clouds moving through the sky they’ll move on and disappear.  You could say the stronger the doubts the more progress you’re making!

  • Reporting on what happens every day is challenging?

Commitment is really important.  Reporting is part of the structure the program includes to help you keep your commitment to yourself.  Daily reporting helps keep the focus on each new day. Writing down some of the information as it happens may help.  Keeping a journal is also a great way to add to your new structure to create a safe place in your everyday life to build healing muscle.