Safe2Heal EveryDay

Doing these practices every day increases your health & well-being

Safe2Heal EveryDay – Ten Practices

Simple meditation is the heart of the everyday practice.  Just sitting quietly, watching your breath and letting your mind quiet down as you learn to truly rest in the expanding awareness between thoughts and every “thing” else that arises.

These ten practices work together.  Meditating builds attention and awareness with a loving embrace.  Which leads straight to forgiving yourself and those around you, early and often! Approaching and avoiding illuminates the power of your intention. 30for3, pausing to breathe deeply uses your increased attention and awareness to respond to – more than automatically reacting to – what happens.  Water, air, exercise and enough sleep round out the basic ingredients.  Journaling may be very helpful. Reporting what happens re-enforces your commitment.  Doing these practices every day increases your health and well-being.

  • SE1) Meditating for a minimum of 20 minutes.
  • SE2) Forgiving yourself and other people.
  • SE3) Approaching One Thing each day.
  • SE4) Avoiding One Thing each day.
  • SE5) Pausing for 30 seconds (30for3) to take in 3 deep slow breaths at least once a day.
  • SE6) Drinking at least 80 ounces of water every day.
  • SE7) Breathing fresh air or exercising for 15 minutes or more.
  • SE8) Sleeping enough.
  • SE9) Journaling if that calls to you.
  • SE10) Recording your progress.

Meditating Together Online Sessions

Meditating Together Online sessions use Zoom web conferencing software for people to practice together.

Each Safe2Heal Online Session follows the same format.

  • Silently meditating and mindful sharing listening deeply.
  • Plugging into a safe space, exploring experience, activating PNS (parasympathetic nervous system), improving balance and well-being.
  • Taking care of ourselves, resonating together and bringing our expanded awareness back into our lives for our loved ones, work and community.
  • Learning about attention, awareness and compassion together!

Safe2Heal EveryDay Email

Every morning you’ll receive an email with links to all the information you need to practice. Each day of the week features a different topic with relevant content and links.

Day Topic Themes
Sunday Rest & Reflect Constant Change & Renewal
Monday Meditation Attention & Awareness
Tuesday Forgiveness Letting Go Sending Love
Wednesday Approach & Avoid Intention
Thursday Pause & Breath Turning off Fight or Flight
Friday Water, Air & Sleep Taking Care of Yourself
Saturday Commitment Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire

What Does Safe2Heal EveryDay Mean To You?

Risk! Learn something new about your experience
Curiosity? About me, what I’m made of, how I work?
Suspense? Can I improve my well-being and those around me?
Rescue! In pain to pain free! (If cancer sometimes dissolves…)
Redemption! Better understanding, discovery & experience of who I am
Sacrifice? Commitment to learn and practice (in spite of doubt…)
Fear!! I can heal! (I’m more than a separate self in a dangerous world)
Mystery!!! There is a single strand wavering yet holding together midst the torrent of life (healing experiences wholeness)

Proven Benefits!

  • Activates the parasympathetic (rest & digest!) part of your nervous system that nurtures and balances your well-being
  • Decreases the amount of stress related cortisol produced
  • Reduces your respiration and heart rate
  • Reduces your metabolic rate of expending energy
  • Increases blood flow in your brain
  • Increases activity in the left pre-frontal cortex of your brain (observed in happier people)
  • Strengthens your immune system

Give Yourself a Gift – Make the Commitment

The commitment is fundamentally to yourself.  A gift you give yourself.  Safe2Heal acts on your behalf providing information, structure, guidance and support for you to develop a regular practice inside the life you lead today.

Getting started is easy.  Read the overview, set your intent, consider how to organize your daily practice, register and start learning happy – together!

What Members Say!

“I found Robert and safe2heal everyday to be a great resource and a source of encouragement in my efforts to meditate. I loved the accountability required which helped me focus on meeting my goal to meditate daily. I would encourage anyone to look to deepen their practice to join.”

Mine – Psychologist

“I believe that being held accountable for your daily thoughts, feelings and actions is the way to break out of habitual behaviors that negatively impact your life. This program addresses this very need and in simple but profound ways. it works. You just have to believe you can make the time and let the healing happen!”

Donna – Social Worker

Safe2Heal: in 8 Seconds

If you do these 10 things every day over and over again – you will feel better!! (It’s hard but we’re here to help)

Safe2Heal EveryDay

Healing experiences wholeness. At Safe2Heal we practice every day together online.  We sit quietly meditating and then share mindfully about it. Learning happy – together!

Meditating activates the part of our nervous system that rests and digests.  Like the sky watching clouds pass along – we experience ourselves as the space between thoughts and strong emotions. We learn to respond more to what happens – instead of reacting automatically. More resilient.

But you need to make a commitment to practice and find the discipline to practice everyday.  That’s why we do it together.  In a safe place listening deeply and being heard.

Safe2Heal EveryDay offers guided interactive online sessions every day.  In addition to meditation and mindful sharing sessions there are simple recommended practices proven to increase your well-being.

Click here to request the Safe2Heal EveryDay Overview.