Frequently Asked Questions


  • What if I miss a day?

Forgive yourself and start again the next day.

  • Meditating is really hard to do I’m constantly distracted?

Just come back to watching your breath.  It’s always there for you.  As soon as you notice you’re distracted with a thought or feeling just note that and come back to watching your breath.  In. Out. In. Out.  Your willingness to sit for the time you committed to and start over and over and over again is what builds the healing muscle.

  • There’s a part of me that doubts this is worthwhile?

Of course!  Our habitual selves strongly resist the movement to slow down and become a witness to our constant stream of thoughts and emotions.  There’s another inner part of us that gets stronger and clearer when we learn to inhabit the space between our thoughts.  Doubts are just thoughts.  If you let them go like the clouds moving through the sky they’ll move on and disappear.  You could say the stronger the doubts the more progress you’re making!

  • Reporting on what happens every day is challenging?

Commitment is really important.  Reporting is part of the structure the program includes to help you keep your commitment to yourself.  Daily reporting helps keep the focus on each new day. Writing down some of the information as it happens may help.  Keeping a journal is also a great way to add to your new structure to create a safe place in your everyday life to build healing muscle.


  • What is healing muscle?

Motion towards wholeness and health

Muscle is soft tissue that produces force and motion. Healing, “to make whole”, is the process of restoring health to a diseased or out of balance organism.  So healing muscle produces force and motion that helps restore health.  To better understand how to exercise and grow this healing muscle let’s consider the “motion” that it produces.

Integrated body mind spirit system

From how healing happens we know healing restores health to our integrated body-mind-spirit system that may be damaged, diseased or otherwise out of balance.  The most effective “motion” depends on which component of our integrated system we’re acting upon.  For example, with the body, to keep it simple, there is a direct relationship between the wellness of the body and the amount of water, exercise, sleep and sugar consumed.  The motion of more water, exercise, sleep and less sugar leads to more balance and improved health.

Meditation calms body and mind

Acting upon our minds is a much trickier and difficult task.  When our minds are agitated and often full of anxiety, fear and anger the stress on our overall system increases.  Calm minds enable our nervous systems to rest and recharge which restores balance.  Meditation practice activates the parasympathetic part of your nervous system that nurtures and balances your well-being and decreases the amount of stress related cortisol produced. Meditation also reduces your respiration and heart rate, increases blood flow in your brain and strengthens your immune system. With spirit it’s a question of being in touch with your inner nature.  Examples include forgiving yourself, loving relationships, time in nature and keeping a journal.

Our habitual selves stand in the way

The biggest obstacle to building healing muscle is the self-discipline to do these things on a daily basis for more than a couple of days.  Our bodies and minds are changing all the time, we can direct what we change into, but it takes time and a minimum of six weeks for positive changes to take hold. Our habitual selves are often hostile to making changes and it’s hard to create space midst the stress and obligations of our everyday lives.

Do you believe you can help yourself heal?

So it comes down to motivation and discipline.  Do you believe you can help your self heal and grow?  Can you muster the discipline and get the support you need to install changes that persist for weeks, months and years?  Do Safe2Heal in 6 Weeks is a guided program designed to help you create safe space in your everyday life to build healing muscle.  Healing muscle is your capacity to act positively on your integrated mind, body and spirit system.