Safe2Heal Privacy Policy

This privacy policy covers use of the Safe2Heal website, Meditating Together Online and participation in the Well-Being & Wealth Together program.

This policy was last updated January 3, 2021.  Please address any questions regarding privacy to info  @

Safe2Heal does not collect any information directly from visitors to the Safe2Heal website.  Safe2Heal uses Google Analytics to collect and analyze information to improve the Safe2Heal website.  Please refer to Google’s Privacy Policy for more information about how Google collects and processes personal information.  Safe2Heal uses Amazon to present links for products that Safe2Heal recommends.  Please refer to Amazon’s Privacy Policy for more information about how Amazon collects and processes personal information.

Safe2Heal members opt-in and specifically agree to participate in Meditating Together Online and the Well-Being & Wealth Together program.  Safe2Heal uses Zoho to execute agreements, manage subscriptions, execute email campaigns and provide meeting services.  Safe2Heal Members can directly manage, update and delete all of their personal information.  Upon request all of a Member’s information will be deleted.  Safe2Heal uses PayPal for payment gateway.  Neither Zoho nor Safe2Heal directly manage or store any financial information.  Please refer to PayPal’s Privacy Policy for information about how PayPal collects and manages personal information.  Here is Zoho’s Privacy Policy and Zoho’s Security Policy.

Safe2Heal does not share or sell member data with any third party.

Safe2Heal uses Google and Facebook advertising to reach out to people who may be interested in Safe2Heal.  Please refer to Google’s and Facebook’s Privacy Policy for additional information.

Safe2Heal does not display any advertising beyond the Amazon product links mentioned above.

Safe2Heal: in 8 Seconds

If you do these 10 things every day over and over again – you will feel better!! (It’s hard but we’re here to help)

Safe2Heal EveryDay

Healing experiences wholeness. At Safe2Heal we practice every day together online.  We sit quietly meditating and then share mindfully about it. Learning peaceful – together!

Meditating activates the part of our nervous system that rests and repairs.  Like the sky watching clouds pass along – we experience ourselves as the space between and underneath thoughts and strong emotions. We learn to respond more to what happens – instead of reacting automatically. More resilient.

But you need to make a commitment to practice and find the discipline to practice everyday.  That’s why we do it together.  In a safe place listening deeply and being heard.

Safe2Heal offers Meditating Together Online sessions every day.  In addition to meditation and mindful sharing sessions there are simple recommended practices proven to increase your well-being.

Click here to request the Safe2Heal EveryDay Overview.