Roger Jahnke

Roger Jahnke

Roger Jahnke is a leading light about how people heal themselves.  The Healer Within, published in 1997 is a complete practical guide to what we can do for ourselves to heal.  Below please find some of the concepts and quotes from the book.

Roger Jahnke’s Feel the Qi website

Interdependence of body, mind and spirit and interdependence of people within a community are expressions of a relatively new understanding in science of the interdependent nature of living systems.

Both scientific and spiritual traditions put forth the idea that all things and forces are in a powerful and dynamic relationship.  When we each take on the responsibility to sustain the health of our own little piece of the universe then we are cooperating to sustain the health of the whole.
When an individual begins to polish the dust and dirt off his or her essential nature, resident wisdom shines through.  When incorrect information, reactive emotions and false attitudes that spring from fear and guilt are polished away, the light of wisdom shines.
When people reach the point where they are no longer willing to be victims, when they become accountable for the quality of their experience, they are reborn, transformed.  At that point it does not matter if they have this job or that job.  It doesn’t matter so much whether their life is brief or lengthy.  The quality of their life is radically improved.  Guilt, worry and uncontrollable fear have been cast out.  Joy and trust can be purposefully invited to enter their lives.  It doesn’t matter so much what is happening.  How they react to what is happening becomes the focus, and the richness of their life expands.  Accountable for the nature of their experience, they can elect to banish frustration, fear and the torment of continuous stress.  They enter a new life where they literally radiate, and enthusiasm can flourish.” Rebecca Jahnke


Safe2Heal: in 8 Seconds

If you do these 10 things every day over and over again – you will feel better!! (It’s hard but we’re here to help)

Safe2Heal EveryDay

Healing experiences wholeness. At Safe2Heal we practice every day together online.  We sit quietly meditating and then share mindfully about it. Learning peaceful – together!

Meditating activates the part of our nervous system that rests and repairs.  Like the sky watching clouds pass along – we experience ourselves as the space between and underneath thoughts and strong emotions. We learn to respond more to what happens – instead of reacting automatically. More resilient.

But you need to make a commitment to practice and find the discipline to practice everyday.  That’s why we do it together.  In a safe place listening deeply and being heard.

Safe2Heal offers Meditating Together Online sessions every day.  In addition to meditation and mindful sharing sessions there are simple recommended practices proven to increase your well-being.

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