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Here is Robert’s summary and interpretation of Falling Awake.

Let the thoughts and emotions in our mind drop into our heart dissolved in the love of who we really are with each breath.  A trick worth learning available to every one of us.

Kirtana tells us how in Falling AwakeItalics are the names of the songsBold is Kirtana’s lyrics.  The rest is Robert’s comments.  Enjoy!


In the first track Fall Awake she says “I will sing a lullaby about spaciousness and ease of being” and suggests “Be still, stay here, don’t move.  And give God a chance to find you

Next in The Train Song she says we are not our thoughts or our emotions. “you can find a peace that underlies what passes by” “who we are was really never born, can never die, is always free

With that set up in Home she gets to the “heart” of the matter that there “is a part of me, untouched and free – innocent, undefiled”. “A stillness underneath the chaos – the ground in which events appear. Some call it presence or pure awareness. I call it home now. And I live from here”.  Still in the world “And no, this does not shield my heart from future pain” but aligned with a deeper truth “A truth that underlies the chaos, a peace from which events arise – elusive to the mind, but never hard to find – always here to realize”. Home “It’s a peace that passeth understanding – the very ground in which our lives appear. Some call it Self or even God. I call it home now. And I live from here”.

Available to all of us all the time.

Now comes the question of how to “get there”. In Death by Love Kirtana references her own experience. “I fell into the arms of grace As she kicked my mind through space”.  But the challenge is “it brings the curtain down on who you thought you were” because “you’re not separate from the wind”.

What If poses the fundamental question “what if “what is” doesn’t need to change” together with the answer “Who you are is so vast that all is welcome here”.

Sweet Streams couples forgiveness “For every time I turned my back on truth When I was scared. I forgive myself. I forgive myself” with a prayer for redemption from the illusion here and now “Sweet streams wash me down Pour your grace over me Lift me up to a higher ground Where I can see.”

Ramana’s Song tells us to go inside – make a gift of our minds to our hearts our home.  All there is.  Love and light.  “Turn toward the Self – go back the way you came. And enter with love the temple of your heart. Heart is the holy sanctum where I reside. Offer to me the ruby of your mind. That is the sweetest offering – a mind that has died”. “Be still and know that I am. I am that I am

Grace Takes says “Ekam, nityam, vimalam achalam (The one, pure, eternal, unmoving presence)” is who we really are. “These forms we call you and me are only the surface we see. And though Love came, wearing your name, it’s omnipresent now and free

Deathbed Song encourages us to “open each day like a present” and “not take a single breath for granted”. That the search for who we really are, however difficult, calls us from inside, the love we really are.  “And I know that love is worth the wounding. And that this dance is too brief to sit through.  So even though my heart would break, what a deep, exquisite ache. I would always be a fool for love.”

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