Healing Remembers Wholeness

Welcome to Safe2Heal.  Just as you are now.

This is an invitation to take action together to heal and grow. Human beings have been healing for thousands of years. Healing happens when the conditions that underlie disease and illness change. Practices that work are well known and validated by modern science. Safe2Heal Daily Practice consists of eleven things we do every day. This practice builds new habits, expands your muscle to heal and helps you learn how to master what you are constantly changing into.

There is no charge to join and participate.  Request the Daily Practice Overview, complete the sign-up form and get started. Mindfulness practice integrated into everyday life calms your nervous system, improves your brain’s health and reduces anxiety.

We’re here to help. Let’s walk the path together every day and celebrate our unfolding.

Healing remembers wholeness

We are all waves in the same ocean.  Flames in one fire. Different experiences on the same journey.

Separate self syndrome

Separate self syndrome is a common condition that leads to disease and suffering.  Caused by the belief you are an independent self separated from the world. At the mercy of vast uncontrollable forces. This sense of a separate self gets deeply ingrained in habitual patterns that take up all your attention and energy. Scared of death. Consumed with desire. Your separate self strikes out against the “other” it believes is trying to destroy it. Filling itself up with things promising to satisfy and sustain you.  Wearing you down into crisis and disease.  Searching for answers.

Why do we hurt ourselves & others?

Forgetting our true nature we mistake our separate selves for all we are.  Yet always – loving awareness shines inside calling us home.  Whole, undivided, our true nature.  This calling inside each one of us is so strong, our separate selves, even under the illusion of being separate from the world, try to recover our wholeness by sacrificing ourselves.  We denigrate and sacrifice our embodied lives trying to transcend our separate selves to recover wholeness. Often we band together in tribes and nation states to strike out at and in the extreme kill “the other”.  “The other” is a substitute sacrifice for our separate selves.  Something supposedly outside of ourselves we can sacrifice in our desire to transcend our separate selves to return home.  That path leads to more suffering.

Healing happens when conditions change

Healing happens when conditions that underline disease and suffering change.  Balance is restored and disease disappears. Our self-destructive drive transforms into a desire to destroy our harmful tendencies.  Every thing changes constantly.  You can master what you unfold into.

Mindfulness works

Changing conditions starts with accepting what is.  Meditate sitting quietly focused on breathing in and breathing out.  Watching your thoughts pass like clouds in the sky.  Learn to relax into the space between and underneath your thoughts and emotions.  That strength of awareness is your true nature shining through.  Powering transformation – changing the conditions that underlie disease and suffering. Mindfulness practice integrated into everyday life calms your nervous system, improves your brain’s health and reduces anxiety.

Expand your muscle to heal

Developing a mindfulness practice requires self-discipline. It takes time to master new skills.  Like any other muscle your capacity to heal yourself expands when you commit to doing it every day.  A simple daily mindfulness practice produces more compassion, insight and awareness with less suffering and fewer obstacles.  A gift you give yourself.

Healing remembers wholeness

Life is mystery bursting with opportunity to create our own loving expression.  In the world but not of it. Human beings have a special ability to be aware of ourselves.  Our separate selves grow out of this awareness but forget the love we are and come from. Healing remembers the wholeness that never left.  Shining always calling inside every single one of us.  Our separate selves are cured when our search discovers what never left us.  Presence patiently waiting in loving awareness.


We all have the ability to help ourselves heal and grow.

People have been healing for thousands of years. Practices that work are well known.

You can create safe space in your everyday life to practice healing.

Your mind and body is continuously changing – you can master what you unfold into. Learn how.


DoSafe2HealIn6 Overview

Safe2Heal Overview

Safe2Heal Overview

How Healing Happens examines a group of people who experienced spontaneous remission of cancer.  If these people – in the most extreme predicament facing death – were able to heal without traditional medical intervention, what does it tell us about our ability to heal and grow?

Safe2Heal Daily Practice is a simple program with proven practices including meditation that takes 15 minutes each day for 6 weeks. Healing happens over time as the conditions that underlie disease change.  People find it very hard to introduce new habits that help change their conditions.  Given that every thing changes constantly – including you –  take advantage of the opportunity – always available – to learn to master what you change into.  Safe2Heal Daily Practice provides structure and support for you to create new space in your daily life building muscle to heal.

Big Ideas Bright Lights explores what are often considered fundamental truths about the human experience.  Human beings have been on the planet for thousands of years.  Modern technology and ancient wisdom seem to agree on some basic premises.  One Big Idea is that every thing changes.  Constantly! Another Big Idea is that we are more than we think.  More than our feelings and the thoughts that stream constantly in our heads. We all must validate what is true based on our own direct experience.  Fortunately there are many Bright Lights who lead the way.

Safe2Heal Stories provide information and inspiration about what human beings are capable of.  These stories are researched and documented descriptions of how people responded to challenging conditions to transform themselves and become free of pain.

We’re here to help you establish a safe place in your life to practice techniques proven to promote healing.

Take a look at How Healing Happens, Safe2Heal Daily Practice, Big Ideas Bright Lights and Safe2Heal Stories.  If you’re thinking “Maybe there’s something I can do for myself?” please request the Safe2Heal Daily Practice Overview. Let’s walk the path together!