Healing Remembers Wholeness

We all have the ability to help ourselves heal and grow.

Safe2Heal helps you create space in your everyday life to build muscle to heal.

People have been healing for thousands of years. Practices that work are well known.

Healing remembers wholeness. One. Unified. Safe is secure from threat, danger, harm or loss.

You can create safe space in your everyday life to practice healing.


DoSafe2HealIn6 Overview

Your mind and body is continuously changing – you can control what you change into. Discover how.



Safe2Heal Overview

Safe2Heal Overview

How Healing Happens examines a group of people who experienced spontaneous remission of cancer.  If these people – in the most extreme predicament facing death – were able to heal without traditional medical intervention, what does it tell us about our ability to heal and grow?

Big Ideas Bright Lights explores what are often considered fundamental truths about the human experience.  Human beings have been on the planet for thousands of years.  Modern technology and ancient wisdom seem to agree on some basic premises.  One Big Idea is that every thing changes.  Constantly! Another Big Idea is that we are more than we think.  More than our feelings and the thoughts that stream constantly in our heads. We all must validate what is true based on our own direct experience.  Fortunately there are many Bright Lights who lead the way.

Do Safe2Heal In 6 Weeks is a simple program with proven practices including meditation that takes 15 minutes each day for 6 weeks. Healing happens over time as the conditions that underlie disease change.  People find it very hard to introduce new habits that help change their conditions.  Given that every thing changes constantly – including you –  take advantage of the opportunity – always available – to help determine what you change into.  DoSafe2HealIn6 provides structure and support for you to create new space in your daily life to build muscle to heal.

Safe2Heal Stories provide information and inspiration about what human beings are capable of.  These stories are researched and documented descriptions of how people responded to challenging conditions to transform themselves and become free of pain.

We’re here to help you establish a safe place in your life to practice techniques proven to promote healing.

Take a look at How Healing Happens, Big Ideas Bright Lights, Safe2Heal Stories and DoSafe2HealIn6.  If you’re thinking “Maybe there’s something I can do for myself?” please request the DoSafe2HealIn6 Program Overview. Let’s walk the talk together!