Meditating Together Online

Cultivating Safe Space Inside

Meditating Together Online


There’s a safe place inside each one of us that a meditation practice uncovers.

Doing it together is very powerful. Beginning and ending at the same time. Supporting each other and strengthening our motivation to practice. Seeing and listening. Being seen and being heard.

Please feel free and safe to join us any time. Schedule sessions by selecting the time zone and working with the calendar just below. Please register here before attending your first session. Click here to request the Safe2Heal EveryDay Overview.

Meditating activates the rest and digest response in order to balance out the fight or flight response so common in these tumultuous times. With repeated practice science documents meditating lowers heart rate and blood pressure, increases heart and lung coherence, increases heart brain connection, and helps build a stronger immune system with less anxiety and more resilience! (Please click here for more on meditation.)

Safe2Heal helps make this happen one session at a time.

Looking forward to sitting together 🙂

Thanks, Robert.

P.S. Stepping through the Doorway – We meet here with the potential to sit together. Fully explore that potential by scheduling 3 sessions all at the same time.  Attend all three and see what happens? When you select a session from the calendar then choose “Add a Time”. When you have selected 3 sessions then choose “Continue” and complete the scheduling.  You’re here for a reason. Why not step through and see? 🙂

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