Meditating Together Online

Activating Our Rest & Digest Response

Meditating Together Online

Science documents that meditating activates the parasympathetic response of our nervous system that rests and digests.

Meditating lowers heart rate and blood pressure. Mediating increases heart and lung coherence and heart brain connection.  Meditating helps build a stronger immune system with less anxiety and more resilience.

Just sitting quietly, watching your breath and letting your mind quiet down as you learn to truly rest in the expanding awareness between thoughts and every “thing” else that arises.  Together we focus our attention on our breath.  When you notice your attention wandering return attention to the breath.  Embrace your experience with love – like embracing a loved one or pet. Gently with patience and forgiveness over and over again.

Focusing your attention is a useful skill for many things you do every day.

Expanded awareness helps you respond more rather than react automatically to what happens.

Sitting together online we’re taking care of ourselves. At the same time we have a sense of community seeing everyone in real time.  We begin and end at the same time supporting each other and strengthening our motivation to practice.

Please see More on Meditation for common questions and answers about mediation.

Each Meditating Together Online session follows the same format. Brief introduction, silent meditation for 30 minutes and mindfully sharing listening deeply. Resonating together activating our rest and digest response. Bringing our expanded awareness back into our lives for our loved ones, work and community!

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